FOVE Ohrringe - Loars
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FOVE Ohrringe - Loars

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Ohrringe der feineren Linie "Eternal Fove". Geknotete Unendlichkeit geht in zwei gold platinierte Elemente über. Schönes Orange mit gold.

Onesize. Größe: 3cm
Art. Nr. LOARS
Größe Nein
Verkäufer Frederica Prock

Unterstütze mit Deinem Kauf junges Design aus Deutschland

FOVE jewellery, Berlin
verkauft seit April 2014

An AMD Fashion and Design graduate and former fashion designer for Mc Neal–Peek & Cloppenburg and Esprit, Frederica Prock combines the best of both worlds – her mother’s artistic flair and her father’s penchant for all things technical – in a label and collection that is „far more than love“: fove (fʌv). A quick thinker, tinkerer and unblinkered aesthetic pioneer, the meticulous jewelry designer and set dresser has been building up her brand since 2012. The fashion world loves her evocative designs: Outlets from Vogue to monoqi have picked up on her stark. Frederica’s latest fove collection (I AM) has evolved from the label’s trademark oxidised metals to refined platinated finishes that last a lifetime. The resulting statement pieces compliment and complement their wearer: Devoid of any superfluous touches, their pared down harmonious interplay of shape and shine highlights the the beauty in all of us.

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