fabelwesen berlin FW.14 COLLEGE JACKET Zip Sweater
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fabelwesen berlin FW.14 COLLEGE JACKET Zip Sweater

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Last but not least: We are also offering a light jacket. A real one with a zipper, corded collar and waistband, made out of 100% cotton, soft and easy to wear. With these attributes the college jacket already sounds like a winner, a show off. But the college jacket isn't a superficial prick. It also protects you when you are out in your light grey top and the sun is hiding behind some clouds. it's also not overwhelming you in a complete hug, because you make the rules and say how close you want your relationship to be, keep it simple. The jacket is a flexible, handsome companion you don't want to miss after some evenings together. Hint: This one comes in a slim fit cut, with a bronze zipper and pretty light cotton. It offers a college jacket collar, ripped waistbands and is made out of 100% soft cotton.

Verena is 1.74m tall and wears size small.
Art. Nr. FW_Female_14
Verkäufer Malte Lensch

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fabelwesen berlin, Berlin
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when stars turn to sun and dark turns to blue, wrap up your worries and clothe yourself with the latest fabelwesen collection: a collaboration of music and fashion, nature and urbanity. fabelwesen is made for you and your everyday adventures. as devoted minimalists, we send you on your way with handwritten designs and diligently chosen material, combined with our contemporary cuts to meet every demand on your journey. small editions and consciousness for the right treatment of every item ensures that fabelwesen pieces stay unique and unexpected - while they still create collectivity and proximity between fashion devotees.

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