fabelwesen berlin FW.07 BLACK FREEDOM // sleeveless
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fabelwesen berlin FW.07 BLACK FREEDOM // sleeveless

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This sleeveless shirt offers a great variety of pros and only some cons. Let's start with the bad news, because we learned that from doctors. Sorry, but a tank top might show you weren't working out as much, as you promised before winter. On the pro side we have its ability to guarantee a fine tan on your arms during summer time, so you don't have to always roll up your
t-shirt sleeves which then often start to pinch in your arm pits, making it an overall uncomfortable situation. It also gives you a rockstar look, without being a rockstar and if you are, it underlines that fact. That's undeniable cool.

Side note: This one offers a longer cut, small crew neck collar and doesn't come with sleeves (don't look for them in your box or anywhere). It's made out of 100% soft cotton. Max is 1.89m tall and wears large.
Art. Nr. FW_M07
Verkäufer Malte Lensch

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fabelwesen berlin, Berlin
verkauft seit Oktober 2015

when stars turn to sun and dark turns to blue, wrap up your worries and clothe yourself with the latest fabelwesen collection: a collaboration of music and fashion, nature and urbanity. fabelwesen is made for you and your everyday adventures. as devoted minimalists, we send you on your way with handwritten designs and diligently chosen material, combined with our contemporary cuts to meet every demand on your journey. small editions and consciousness for the right treatment of every item ensures that fabelwesen pieces stay unique and unexpected - while they still create collectivity and proximity between fashion devotees.

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