fabelwesen berlin FW.02 FULL MOON
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fabelwesen berlin FW.02 FULL MOON

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a bold, perfectly round moon is shining down on you like he wants to say that this is going to be just the night you were longing for. you are on the dance floor and take off your sweater, because its getting really hot in here. just when the sweater leaves your body, a new beat kicks in that is totally dragging you away into a different world of joy and musical pleasure. the little white wolf on your shirt is laughing. good, that you are prepared and wear exactly the right gear for this trip.

good to know: The shirt features a classic regular fit, a crew neck collar and is made out of a 100% soft cotton.

max is 1.89m tall and wears large.
Art. Nr. FW_M02
Verkäufer Malte Lensch

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fabelwesen berlin, Berlin
verkauft seit Oktober 2015

when stars turn to sun and dark turns to blue, wrap up your worries and clothe yourself with the latest fabelwesen collection: a collaboration of music and fashion, nature and urbanity. fabelwesen is made for you and your everyday adventures. as devoted minimalists, we send you on your way with handwritten designs and diligently chosen material, combined with our contemporary cuts to meet every demand on your journey. small editions and consciousness for the right treatment of every item ensures that fabelwesen pieces stay unique and unexpected - while they still create collectivity and proximity between fashion devotees.

fabelwesen berlin
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